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About Lemon Sole



Fresh and Healthy

You don't need to have particularly smelly feet for shoes to be a bit potent by the end of the day, a good run or exercise session. And that's where the really fresh scents in Lemon Sole really help; the internet can't transmit smell yet so you'll have to take our word that it really is great.   

Sometimes though (as we all know) shoes can get a little smelly. It's the bacteria that live on our feet that end up making our shoes smell. They love our feet and once we've warmed up our shoes and they get a little damp from sweat, it makes a great place for them to set up home. 

The anti-bacterial effect of the essential oils in Lemon Sole prevent the bacteria from being able to live in your shoes. It's that simple and its nature's solution.  

You can't stop bacteria living on your feet but you can make your shoes an inhospitable place for them which keeps them stink free and smelling great.

Long lasting

Lemon Sole used regularly will form a longer term prevention of shoe odour. As the oils won't evaporate from the shoe they will impregnate the insole with an anti-bacterial  barrier.


Three of the oils have natural deodorising properties which will help deal with any smells the shoe had before you started using Lemon Sole.  Bergamot in particular is a powerful deodorising agent.

Anti-fungal properties

The oils in Lemon Sole are also natural anti-fungal agents. Shoes are a recognised incubation place for the athlete's foot fungus.  In fact, shoes can carry fungi for quite some time until conditions are good for growth and transfer to the foot.  Regular use of Lemon Sole can help reduce the likelihood of athlete's foot by making the shoes an inhospitable environment for fungi.





We recommend using it in shoes and trainers from new.

A few sprays will keep them fresh from the outset and help prevent any build up of bacteria or fungus that create smell and aren't good for feet. A couple of sprays before you put your shoes on for activity or just a long day in them keeps them fresh.

 The spray comes in a small bottle because its powerful stuff and only needs to be used sparingly.

That’s it. No more complicated than that.

The results are fantastic and we are confident that you will agree.

Can it be used on shoes that already smell?

Absolutely. That’s how we discovered that certain essential oils work great in this capacity.

How effective is it on shoes that are already smelly?

Well to be frank that’s going to depend on how bad they are to start with. We've tested them very effectively on some pretty offensive shoes but we are not magicians! If Lemon Sole doesn't work its definitely time to get a new pair and start using it from the start on those.